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Baby care is a very vast and dynamic subject. It requires the parents to understand the different requirements of an infant at different stages of development. It even asks for parents, especially mothers to learn newer practices for the baby’s health and life. One such practice is sleeping. Sleep is a very important element of a baby’s life and allows him or her to grow at their level best. Putting babies to sleep is also essential for certain occasions like on flights and therefore people opt for a sleep train certification.

Here are the different methods being used for baby sleep.

Ferber Method

This method is also known as checking and consoling. It has a number of variations to it. However, all of the variations revolve around majorly a single principle. It requires one to check on the baby at preset intervals of time. Feeding and rocking the baby to sleep is to be avoided in these practices. The method involves the use of verbal phrases and touches on a repetitive basis to assure the baby with the satisfaction of presence to let him or her sleep.

Extinction method

This method is based upon the idea of dismissing the habit of crying by avoiding giving any response to it. It follows some steps similar to the Ferber method while only changing upon the last parts. In this, the parents are required to put the baby in the crib during sleep time and leave. After that, it requires them to give no response or check back upon the baby if he or she cries. However, this method is strictly dependent upon the stage of growth of the baby.


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