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“A health professional that practices the link between chemical science and health discipline is known as a pharmacist. The professional is accountable to ensure the safe and effective use of all medicines. As different medicines have various functions, this is why pharmacy is also practiced in different areas.” said representative from Core Prescribing Solutions

Most of the pharmacists practice the profession with the community pharmacy. It includes the retail storefront along with a dispensary to store and dispense medications. All pharmacies, when they are open, they require a licensed and practice pharmacist. Nowadays, pharmacies aren’t limited to dispensing and retailing medicines as there are a lot many medicines that are included in it.You will find items such as snack foods, office supplies, shampoo, greeting cards, cosmetics, and all other such items at a pharmacy.

Hospital Pharmacy: A hospital pharmacy is located inside the hospitals and their medication management is also more complex as compared to the community pharmacy. They stock a huge range of medications that are dispensed in the hospital as a single dose or unit dose medicines.

Clinical Pharmacy: Patients get direct care services with the use of medicines to promote the prevention of diseases and the use of medication. The whole process begins in clinics and hospitals, but now the clinical pharmacists can also administer care for the patients in whichever healthcare setting they are.

Compounding Pharmacist: The preparation of drugs is the new form of compounding pharmacists. A compounding pharmacist can make a candy out of the drug that is made by the drug manufacturer.


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