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In winters children and elder people tend to suffer from sinus problem as cartilage or bone inside the nasal cavity swallows due to allergic reaction. This causes a great deal of inconvenience in breathing and patient feels difficulty in sleeping or during consuming a meal. If you or your loved ones are suffering from such problem then it is very essential to take the help of one nasoneb system.

Why should you use this medication?

Unlike, several other spray systems it is very easy to use this sinus treatment equipment and they also reach at deeper levels. This provides more relaxation and prevents the droplets from entering into lungs while keeping it inside the nose. You can also regulate the size of drops which will give you a chance to get effective treatment for different types of allergic reactions.

How to use this system?

At the primary stage,you are required to fill the cup with proper medication and then place the nozzle inside the nostril which is troubling you.You then have to turn on the compressor and empty the cup and then turn it off. It is recommended to repeat the steps at least twice or thrice.

Precautionary measures for a patient of sinus

In case you are suffering from this ailment, it is very essential to subside smoking altogether and get vaccinated properly. Vaccinations provide you immunity from pollens, bacteria and viruses during cold weather which can worsen your condition. It is also mandatory to live in the environment which does not have dust collection or mold.


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